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Introduction of NSTDC

Missions of Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center (NSTDC) are to promte nuclear science education and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to provide technical services to the community. The Center currently consists of four divisions: 

  • Office of the Center (中心辦公室)
    The office is responsible for internal communication and coordination, every external administrative work and assistance of Director in administrative operations.
  • Nuclear Reactor Division (反應器業務單位)
    Nuclear reactor operation and training, Educational visiting, Experimental study of academic, Isotopes production, Nondestructive testing, Boron Nutron Capture Thearpy.
  • Isotope Division (同位素業務單位)
     Experimental study of academic, Educational visiting, Isotopes production, Cobalt-60 irradiation, Nuclear medicine research and development applications, Trace element analysis, Promote the use of isotopes.
  • Health Physics Division (保健物理業務單位)
    Radiation control, Educational visiting, Experimental study of academic, Personal dose assessment, Environmental nuclides analysis, Radiation survey meter calibration, Whole-body nuclides counting, Radiation waste management. 
  • Instrument Division (儀器業務單位)
    Accelerator operation and mantaince, Educational visiting, Experimental study of academic, Ion beam analysis, Ion beam irradiation, Material analysis, Ion implantation, Beam assembling.